Thermostat remote that also adjust flame height available

Frye Glass Burner Set

Peterson Log Sets

Rock Creek Log Set

Evening Frye Split See-thru Log Set

For two sided fireplace

Evening frye Log Set

Loft series with Mountain Rocks

Super Sassafras Log Set

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Charred Aged Split Oak

Log Set

Valley Oak Log Set

Whiskey River

A Vent-Free system uses room air for combustion and delivers 99.9% of the available heat energy directly to the room. Vent-Free systems have an unmatched safety record, thanks in part to their clean-burning technology and their Oxygen Depletion Sensor, which instantly shuts off the valve if oxygen in the room drops to and unsafe level. Because no venting is required, Vent-Free systems offer more installation options.

Vent-Free systems are limited to 40,000 Btu and must be operated as supplemental heating sources in conjunction with a central furnace that circulates air.


Unmatched efficiency – 99.9%
Offers the most installation versatility
Usually less expensive to buy and to install
Can operate with a remote or thermostat
Most systems can provide live-saving heat during a winter power outage
Choose fireplace, insert, heater, cast iron stove, burner and log set, or contemporary burner

Ponderosa Log Set

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Frye Glass Burner Set

Split Oak Log Set

Whiskey River Log Set

Stacked Aged Oak Log Set

Super Wildwood  Log Set

Evening Frye Split

Log Set

Evening Frye Charred Log Set

Loft series with Blac polished crushed

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Ceramic Fiber Super Charred Oak Log Set

Diamond Nuggets Burner Set

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